Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Samuel

I am staying at my parents for a few more days while Ryan finishes the painting in our home.
The daycare kids at my parent's house already love "Baby Samuel" and can't wait to see him each day.
I have had a couple talks with them about adoption. I asked one sweet boy named Connor if he knew what it meant to be adopted. He didn't, so I told him, "It's when a baby grows in one mom's tummy and she gives him to another mommy to love."
He shook his head....he understood.
What a privilege that I get to love, care for and raise a baby that another woman gave life to. I am so in awe of this responsibility.

I can't wait to tell Samuel some day that his mommy loved him enough to give him to us.
Everyone is telling us that he is the lucky one. I disagree. We are blessed beyond measure.

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Langford Family Blog said...

What a great way of explaining things! Send more pics!!!