Monday, October 27, 2008

A daddy's love...via text messages

Ryan left for France on Saturday. From across the ocean he counted down the minutes until the consent to adopt was final today....these are the text messages I received:

oct 26 1:08 pm
approaching 24 hours

oct 27, 6:59 am
7 hours and counting

oct 27, 11:01 am
3 hours. any word?

oct 27, 11:58 am
two hours!

oct 27, 12:59 pm
Any word from Judy? 1 hour to go! Call when you can.

oct 27, 1:41 pm
19 mins

oct 27, 1:57 pm

3 mins. everyone i am with is waiting to hear.

oct 27, 2:01 pm

time up. what's the word?

Clearly, Ryan is quite ecstatic to be a dad. The word is that the consent to adopt from the birth mom was final at 2 p.m. today.

P r a i s e G o d.


Aunt Sharon said...

Praise God from whom all blessing flow!! I have tears of joy running down my face! We are all so blessed to have Samuel and his mom and dad in our lives!

Elim Baptist said...
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Elim Baptist said...

Thank God!!!

Samuel was on heart all day!!

Jen Turcotte said...

That elim was from me!!!!

I am so blessed to witness an amazing miracle!!!

love ya,
Jen Turcotte

Val said...

Congratulations! The desires of your hearts are being realized!