Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 3, 2008 - Part 2

Before leaving for the hospital I called two friends and asked them, "What do I say to a birth mom? What should I wear? Should I bring anything with me?"

I was incredibly nervous and had no idea what to expect for our meeting.

We drove to the Waconia hospital, talked through a few things with TJ and then walked into the hospital room and introduced ourselves to the birth mom, Samantha Lee and her mother Jill (Samuel's birth grandma). We chatted for about 45 minutes.

We asked Samantha questions about her life, talked about the baby and adoption. We told her a little about ourselves and our story and how grateful we would be to love her baby as our own.

We then left the room and gave them some time to talk with one another.

We told them there was no pressure to decide now, and to take as much time (hours or days) as needed to make a decision.

TJ, Ryan and I were standing outside the nursery looking at Samuel when Samantha and Jill walked up. Samantha said, "We would like you to adopt him."

We couldn't stop the tears. All four of us (and possibly TJ) were crying like crazy.

What a precious gift we were given.

We talked with a social worker, and were immediately given bracelets to the nursery where only parents are allowed. This was just a little over 24 hours after Samuel was born.

We went into the nursery and got to hold and feed our precious baby boy for the first time.

He was on oxygen, hooked up to an IV with antibiotics and had numerous other cords and tubes attached to him. But he was so adorable.

We met again with Samantha, Jill, TJ and the social worker. Samantha decided she was going to go home that afternoon.

Within hours Ryan canceled his scheduled flight to Washington D.C. He was planning to be at the airport at 5:00 p.m. to go out of town for work until Thursday.

Before we knew it, we were the only two at the hospital holding, cuddling, and loving our little guy.

Throughout this time we were calling our parents, siblings and a couple friends asking for prayer and sharing what was taking place.

This might be a good time to mention the fact that we had NOT started the adoption process. We were NOT working with an adoption agency. We had NOT signed a single paper. We were NOT on a waiting list.

Can you imagine our parents reactions when we called and told them we were on the way to the hospital to meet a birth mom who was giving her baby up for adoption?

A friend asked us this week when the discussion took place about whether or not we wanted to adopt. About whether or not we were interested in this baby boy.

Our response? There was no discussion. There was no hesitation. Not for a single second did we consider not pursuing this incredible opportunity.

For three years we had waited on the Lord's timing for our family...and on October 3, 2008, his timing was perfect.


Tea said...

What an amazing story... God is so amazing!

Lisa Elliott said...

Hi Stacy

My name is Lisa and I am 40 years old and live in N.H.and reading your story on your adoption story wow I was BAWLING tears what a story on the bottom I added my story I would love to here back from you after you read it and feel free to post it I also would like some prayers if you email me at the email I gave I will email you back with my prayers I need and on your blog you said this I would love to connect with you and would consider it a privilege to hear about your journey, pray with you or drop you a note in the mail. I would love that again email me and I will also give you my cell number so you can call me still in tears bless you Stacy I look forward to hearing from you as well,

Priya antony said...

Loved your story and the poem on wait...was just mindblowing!

Stay blessed. Love to your adorable children.