Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm overwhelmed

I am so overwhelmed that I cannot sleep. I just laid down for a nap...since last night was not a night of sweet sleep...and I cannot sleep because I am so overwhelmed.

I cannot shut off my brain long enough to sleep.

I'm overwhelmed that for the past 7 weeks God has poured out his goodness on us.

I'm overwhelmed that for 7 weeks I haven't had to cook...the meals just keep coming.

I'm overwhelmed that my parents and Ryan's parents call with donations and gifts from neighbors, friends and family.

I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of people who have dropped off boxes of boy clothing.

I'm overwhelmed by the cards and gifts we have received.

I'm overwhelmed that people we don't even know, have loaned us their pack-n-play, baby Bjorn, changing table, and bouncy seat.

I'm overwhelmed that people we don't even know, have GIVEN us their high chair, stroller and swing.

I'm overwhelmed by the people in my life who want to throw baby showers to celebrate our miracle.

I'm overwhelmed by the number of people who have told me that they have been encouraged by Samuel's story and how it has reminded them of God's faithfulness and His perfect timing in our lives.

I'm overwhelmed that for the rest of my life...I will get to tell people the miraculous story of how Samuel Lee May came to be with our family.

I'm overwhelmed and that's why I cannot sleep.

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