Monday, November 3, 2008

One month down....

...forever to go! One month ago today Samuel was born. He is doing great and we have our one-month appt at the pediatrician on Wednesday.

Ryan and I met with our adoption attorney this afternoon. They will do a search to make sure the birth father didn't register himself as Samuel's father in the last two weeks. Once that comes through clear, we are officially good to go!
For now we are moving ahead with the adoption process.

Our next step is the post-placement study. Typically the home study and post placement are not done within one month's time. Our home study counselor will pay us another visit, and then (hopefully!) make a recommendation to the court that Samuel should be placed with us.

Once this recommendation comes through, our attorney will set a court hearing date. It has to be at least three months past the date of the Pre-Adoption Custody Order which came through on October 30. So we think in February some time we'll go before a judge to receive final legal custody of Samuel.

We look forward to this date and plan to celebrate it with our families.

Samuel started smiling on Friday....we're loving it. Here's some photos I took tonight of our one-month little man:

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~Sherry said...

Oh Samuel you are sooo cute!
I can't wait to see you again.
Happy 1 month Birthday little man!
I love you....your Auntie Sherry