Monday, November 24, 2008


When I began my journey of waiting in the fall of 2005, I didn't know I was 'beginning my journey of waiting.'

I didn't know the pain of waiting and longing.

I didn't know the confusion of unanswered prayer.

I didn't know the struggle of trusting and believing in a God who seemed silent.

But today I am so thankful for my waiting. I am thankful because of the people I met. The friendships I made. The relationships that were built during this time. I am thankful because it makes me so much more appreciative of Samuel and motherhood.

I am thankful for my waiting because it forever changed me.

Today I rejoice with my friend Jeri because she has walked this road of waiting alongside me and today her waiting comes to end. I look forward to celebrating with her tonight the miracles of new babies.

Today I mourn for friends who recently miscarried. My heart physically hurts for them because I have been where they are. The physical pain, the emotional pain, the questions of, "Why me? Why my baby?"

Today my heart is tender for those friends who are still waiting. They are becoming strong women whether they recognize it or not. God is using this waiting to mold and refine them. He is teaching them through this waiting season.

May we all be so blessed that we go through waiting seasons of our lives....

May we all trust in a God who is sovereign...

May we all get to experience the joy of a miracle when we wait on the Lord...


Anonymous said...

Stacy - you are amazing! Whenever I start to forget just how blessed I am (meaning whenever my three sons drive me so batty I'm ready to ship them to the curb!) your story pops into my head and makes me think about how truly blessed I am. Thank you.

Peter and Alison plus 3 said...

Hi Stacy-
My name is Alison, I am in your mother-in-laws MOPS group. I have been following your story and praying for you since the beginning of the year. I am still in awe of Samuel! What a beautiful miracle! A true gift from God! We also spent lots of time in "waiting" and now have beautiful triplet girls. Your post today really touched my heart. You are an amazing mother, with an amazing son and an amazing husband! God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Your words were exactly what I needed to hear today. I am also waiting. . . And everyday it's this difficult battle, and everyday, I need to remember that I am blessed, and that the waiting is making me stronger. But it is still SO hard. Your words today gave me renewed hope. Thank you.