Monday, December 8, 2008

Begging God for a miracle

Some of you...but not all of you...know that I was pregnant in August of this year. For 27 blissful days my husband and I knew we had conceived and anticipated all that was in store for our growing family.

The use of the word blissful might be a little strong because I had many moments of wondering and questioning if my baby would be healthy and strong and growing.

Last week I looked through my journal and couldn't believe the words I had written and how God had answered this specific prayer. Take a look:

August 26, 3 days prior to our first ultrasound...
God I am looking through my notes, my binder, my Bible - things I know, things I believe, things I trust...such good reminders for me today. I want to fear, and doubt, but today I am choosing - choosing to believe, choosing to trust, choosing to walk in faith, choosing to take what I know about my God and let it reign in my mind. I'm begging God for a miracle. I'm believing Him for a miracle and my praise is not dependent on my circumstances so today I praise you Lord!

Did God answer my begging? Did he respond to my belief in Him? YES!

But it wasn't at all how I had planned. It wasn't without pain. It wasn't in my timing.

I've learned a lot about my God this year...

And I know that I know that I know we serve a God of miracles.

I begged God for a miracle.

I believed Him for a miracle.

And He gave us a sweet, precious miracle straight from heaven.

May I never forget what I know about my God.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. I'm believing God for a miracle as well, & I admit that I'm weak and unfortunately I start to doubt Him and start my journey toward my miracle all over again. But Praise GOD reading this has uplifted my spirits once again, and like you, I'm going to just believe and receive my miracle. Continue to Be Blessed...