Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Measuring life by cat food

I have been amazed by how quickly time flys as a new parent. It has been only three months, but time is racing. Yes, Samuel still seems small, but I know he is getting bigger. I know, not just because I can see him growing, but also because the cat food container keeps needing to be refilled.

It used to be that it seemed that it would take months for Jersey (our cat) to go through all her food in her container. Today either she is eating way more or time is flying, it seems like every week I am filling the container.

The last two weeks of vacation were among the fastest moving of my life. I enjoyed spending all day everyday with Samuel and am more sad to go back to work than I thought I would be. But the responsibility to provide for my family is all the more real.

Measuring time by the number of times I have to fill the cat food container may be unconventional, but every time I fill it up I smile and think of Samuel growing.

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