Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Samuel's dad and Grandpa and Grandma May are all traveling this week. Here are a few photos for you three. We miss and love you all.

In these photos I think Samuel is trying to say, "Look at me - I'm wearing shoes for the first time!"

I just might have to get Shoes Take Me Where I Want To Go to read to my little man. It's by one of my favorite authors: Marianne Richmond.


Aunt Sharon said...

It is great to see Samuel! :-)
Tell us more about the things he is doing. Sleeping? Eating? Smileing?
Can't wait to see him again in April!
Greetings from south Texas!
God bless,

Dad said...

Hey tell him to get out of my chair.


Anonymous said...

stacy and ryan,
congratulations! samuel is gorgeous! love him, love the shoes! i'm so happy for you guys. hope things continue to go well for you.
karla hansen

Anonymous said...

Hi Samuel,
Thanks for the pictures, you aren't suppose to grow when we are out of town!
Grandpa says to have your mommy put your 'golf shoes' on...and come over and sit in Grandpa's chair anytime:)
We miss and love you!