Thursday, January 22, 2009

To risk or not to risk?

In honor of Sanctity of Human Life week, Focus on the Family is covering topics such as abortion and adoption. Today's broadcast topic was on adoption. You can listen online at this web site:

Dr. Dobson acknowledges the reality that birth parents change their minds in adoptions. As I listened to him tell a story about that taking place, I thanked the Lord that Samantha did not change her mind.

My heart also grieved for those I know who have lost babies when birth parents asked for them back.

I believe that people will not consider adoption because of the risks associated with the birth parents. This is understandable.

But I believe that a pregnancy holds just as many risks as an adoption. Having lost two of my precious babies to miscarriages, I have experienced first-hand the reality of pregnancy risks.

I can't imagine the phone call that delivers the news that your sweet baby whom you have had for days, weeks or even months is going to be taken away. It would be shocking, heart-wrenching and devastating.

But I can imagine the ultrasound that shows you will never get to meet the little one in your womb. I can imagine the technician who declares, "There is no heartbeat. The fetal sack has collapsed. Your baby has died." It is shocking, heart-wrenching and devastating.

I have a friend who lost her son Harrison 24 hours after birth due to a neurological birth defect. I have friends who lost their little girl Mia within hours of birth as well.

No pregnancy is without risks.

No adoption is without risks.

We can choose to live in fear. Or we can choose to trust the author and creator of life and ask that He guide us into parenthood as He sees fit for our lives. He gives and He takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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