Monday, February 16, 2009

Our birth mom

Many of you have asked about our relationship with Samantha, Samuel's birth mom.

You've wondered if it was an open or closed adoption.

You've wondered what our contact has been like or will be like in the future.

I can honestly say that our relationship is great. We feel so comfortable with Samantha. We are very impressed with her maturity level and how she responded throughout the adoption process.

It is an open adoption so Samantha will be able to see Samuel a couple times a year if she would like and we will send pictures/e-mails/updates. She is our friend on Facebook, we text, e-mail, have each other's addresses and phone numbers.

She also reads this blog so she gets to hear a lot about Samuel and our lives and see plenty of pics that way!

We feel nothing in our hearts toward Samantha other than gratitude. We are so grateful for her decision and the gift she gave us. We consider it a privilege to raise Samuel and have no hesitation about an open adoption or allowing her to see Samuel.

We will tell Samuel from a very young age that he is adopted - we will not keep that a secret or save it to be revealed for a day when he is older. He will grow up knowing that he was loved by his birth mom and her family, and very loved by his adopted family. He will know that it is out of love that the decision was made for adoption. He will know that it is out of love, that the decision was made - without hesitation - to adopt him as our son.

We are so thankful that our families see no difference between the biological child that Ryan and I might have had or the adopted one we do have. They love Samuel as if I had carried him for 9 months. He is as much a grandson, nephew or cousin as any other child in our families.

We thank God for Tim and Jeri and their relationship with Samantha's family that allowed us to ultimately parent our son. We thank God for Samantha, and the sacrifice that she made to enable us to be parents. We thank God for Samantha's mom Jill, who considered raising Samuel as her own, but ultimately made the loving choice as a grandma, to give her grandson a different life with Ryan and I.

But most of all, we thank God for His Son and the sacrifice He gave so that we might love because of his great love for us.

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Samantha said...

Very few times do your posts bring tears to my eyes, unlike my mother, but this one made my heart melt. I would not have chose anyone else to be Samuel's parents because the moment you walked into my hospital room i saw it in both of your eyes the excitment and readiness it takes to be phenominal parents. walking into the room glowing, not even knowing if you would walk out parents, the glow is what sold me. the innner light of happiness and life.