Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our staff of faith

Pastor Carlos from the Dominican Republic shared a Word with our team on 6.23.08 while we were on a Missions Trip. These are my notes:

Carlos talked about Moses standing in front of the Red Sea. Behind them were the chariots. Moses was hesitating and the Lord asked what was in his hand?

A staff! He told Moses to raise it up.

When he raised up that staff the winds started blowing. The water started moving.

Carlos told us that we may not have the staff of Moses but we have the faith God left us. We have a staff of faith.

Carlos challenged us to declare with our mouth and declare with our heart that what we were believing and trusting God for would happen.

"The Lord will open ways where there is no way, but you have to believe."

He said, if you believe, if you trust, your miracle will happen. (That's a pretty strong statement don't you think?).

Then Carlos asked us, "What is wrong with waiting for what the Lord has asked/promised you? If you wait it's because you trust Him. Your waiting shows you trust Him."

"The Lord is waiting for you to open up so He can show His glory in your life."

He challenged us to pray, "Open the Red Sea in my life."

Carlos had us raise up our right hand, our staff, and declare with our mouths the miracle we were waiting for. (It must have been a crazy sight....40 Americans sitting in a circle raising up their right hand toward heaven).

Carlos left us with these words to remember, "That crazy Puertan Rican told me something in the Dominican republic and I'm going to believe him."

Of course, as I sat there underneath the beautiful sky on that warm evening when the rain so delicately fell, I raised my hand. I lifted it up....struggling, trying to believe in faith that my miracle would happen. I wanted to trust. I wanted to believe.

You know what I realized tonight on 2.22.09 eight months later?

My miracle was already happening. My miracle was already growing. My miracle was back in Minnesota...God's plan was already being carried out. His plan was already 6 months in the making.

But I didn't know that. Carlos didn't know that.

But that's where faith stepped in.

That's where I had a choice to make....raise my staff in faith or doubt that my future held my heart's desire.

My miracle wasn't as I expected. When I got pregnant in August I thought that was my miracle. But it wasn't. And the reason I believe God didn't allow that to be my miracle?

Because of exactly what Carlos said: "The Lord is waiting for you to open up so He can show His glory in your life."

So God would be glorified.

When we raise our staff in faith, declaring that we trust and believe the Lord, it brings glory to God.
And there is nothing, n o t h i n g, that could possibly make me any happier, than to know that God is glorified through my life and my story.

Oh Moses. You were timid and scared. You had chariots chasing you and your people down. Yet you raised your staff. You allowed God to use your life. And look what your example taught us. Thank you God for our staff of faith. May we raise it boldly and courageously all of our days.

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