Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sweet words

Tonight a friend from church came up to me and said she had to share something with me.

She proceeded to tell me that this past week she was at an out-of-state conference and was telling someone the story of Samuel. She was sharing how he was miraculously given to us and she felt the Lord telling her that Samuel was adopted by us the same way that God adopts all His children.

But God doesn't see us as adopted - He sees us as his very own sons and daughters. The Lord told my friend that Samuel is ours. Adopted or not, he is our son.

She said she felt that God was telling her that Samuel's adoption wasn't the back-up plan, it wasn't plan C or B. It was plan A. All along it was God's plan for Samuel and for us.

What sweet affirmation from the Lord. I am His adopted daughter and He loves me as His very own. Samuel is our adopted son and we love him as our very own flesh and blood.

And to hear again, and have it confirmed in my heart, that God's best, God's greatest plan was to give us Samuel...those were beautiful words to my ears and brought joy to my heart.

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This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I was smiling inwardly this afternoon as I taught a CCD class, and prayed with the children the words, "as adopted sons and daughters of God." I made the connection instantly- - adoption is how God is our Father, and adoption can lead us to children that we love as much as He loves us. What a great message for me today, as I was working on all of the paperwork.
Thanks for this beautiful reminder of God's plan. I'm so glad your friend shared her revelation with you.