Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How big is your mountain?

I wrote a post in January titled, Dear Friends, He is Able. You can read it here if you haven't already.

A few weeks ago, Greg, one of the pastors at our church gave a fantastic message. His message was from Matthew 17: "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

I encourage you to listen to this powerful and challenging message here. It's from 03-08-09: Mustard Seed Faith

Here are the points that stood out to me...

God wants to do the impossible thing in your life.

He wants to do miracles in your life so you can say, "This is something that only God can do."

Even the smallest amount of faith can accomplish impossible results.

He asked us these questions:
What are the immovable things in your life that you believe could never change?

What desperately needs movement in your life by God?
Is your heart broken by something that you need God to intervene in a mountain-moving fashion?

Greg challenged us to pray for 45 days asking God to move a mountain in our lives. He said that this wasn't a magic's the beginning of a discipline that can change our lives. He reminded us that there is no bargaining with God.

He suggested we pray that the mountain be moved, but not to tell God how to move the mountain. I think that point is key. As you can read from my January posting, I begged God to move the mountain of infertility in my life last summer.

And He did. He moved my mountain in a mighty way.

But he didn't move it in the way I expected. It came about in a different way through the miracle of Samuel and the gift of this new pregnancy. He moved it in His perfect timing and according to His eternal plan. I am so thankful I didn't tell God how to move it, I just asked Him to do so.

How big is your mountain? What mountain issue are you facing today? Finances, broken relationships, infertility, addictions, singleness?

Friends, we serve a God of the impossible. We serve a mustard-seed God. And that God wants to move your won't know how or when but just dig deep and find your mustard seed of faith today.


This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Wow! I know I keep saying this, but you are just such an inspirational writer! Thank you once again for these though-provoking words!!

Grace in my Heart said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! That is so exciting. Your thoughts and words help to remind me that it is all in God's hands!

Becky said...

Thank you for this, I especially loved the part about asking God to move the mountain, but not telling Him how to move it. I had a m/c in January and since then I have found that God has truly brought me to a place where I desire His will for my life more than my own. You story is such an example of how God's way and timing truly are best.

I found your blog through Stacey's back in February and have been reading since then. Even before you announced your pregnancy I was amazed by your story. It is such an encouragement to me to read about what God has done in your life.