Monday, March 2, 2009

Lesson learned from a 5-month old

This past weekend as I was buckling Samuel into his car seat he fought me. He twisted and turned and cried out...he didn't want to be in there, he didn't like the straps and he was going to let me know it.

I immediately pictured myself with the Lord. At times God puts me in a place I don't like (for how long I don't ever know) and I fight. I flail my arms. I try to wiggle out. I might cry and plead and ask God to move me.

As Samuel's mom, I know the car seat straps are what is best for him. And God knows what is best for me - even when I don't like it. If we got in a car accident those straps are what would keep Samuel protected and safe. But he is young and doesn't understand.

I am so like him. For so long I didn't know what my future held, and I fought God about where He had me. IF ONLY I HAD KNOWN. Would I have flailed? Would I have fought? Would I have cried out? I didn't understand. I didn't like it. And I let God know it.

I hope Samuel grows to trust his mom. And I hope each day I grow to trust God a bit more....cuz chances are there will be times in my future when I am in a car-seat like place again. And it will be all up to me how I respond.

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kim said...

I do love a good analogy! Excellent one!