Friday, April 17, 2009

A word from a friend

I received this message on Facebook from a gal named Sarah whom I've never met. Her message was so encouraging to me, so full of truth and so touched my heart because it comes from someone who has walked the road of loss, and waiting, and now is experiencing blessings from the Lord. I wanted to share her words as a reminder to myself, and for those of you who might benefit from them as well! I highlighted two phrases that I loved in her message.

Read on...

Hi Stacy,

I wanted to wish you a hearty congratulations on your daughter!
I follow your blog through my friend's blog. I absolutely adore reading your inspirational posts and beautiful stories of your faith journey and your son.

I wanted to let you know a small story, if you don't mind.

I had 3 miscarriages prior to the conception of my now 1 year old daughter Lucy. I had early ultra sounds with all of my pregnancies and at 6 weeks there was never a heart beat. Until my daughter. A strong heartbeat that caused my tears to pour and my heart to soar. After learning she had that precious flicker on the ultrasound that we had so long prayed for- fear set in because I couldn't bear the sadness if it went away. I was so desperate to hold on to this tiny child that I loved before she was even conceived.

As my pregnancy progressed I figured I would surely relax, I would surely settle in to the miracle of my pregnancy and have faith that my little girl would make it and be born into the world. Each time that fear creeped into my mind I felt the distinct movement of my little daughter. Each movement was a reminder that life was growing and thriving and I just needed to trust that the Lord had a plan. The Lord had taken away from me in the past and just as surely he had given us a blessing infinitely more perfect and wonderful than the sorrow and grief of what he had taken away. But the Lord never took her, she came into the world healthy and perfect, all smiles and snuggles. She is every bit the embodiment of the Lord's promise that all things are possible in Christ who strengthens me. You may never stop being afraid, but never never stop believing and trusting.

The Lord has blessed you abundantly with your son and a second time with your daughter. While the pain and fear of the children you have lost will never be gone from your heart or your mind, the Lord has promised good to you and your daughter is another sign of his infinite grace.
We may not always understand the path or the plan but it is our trust, our faith in the Lord that strengthens us on our journey.

I will continue to pray for you and your family, for your pregnancy and for a calm heart for you. Your daughter will be here soon and what a family she is being gifted to!