Monday, May 25, 2009

A day to remember

This morning Ryan picked up his grandma and they went to Hillside cemetery just blocks from our house. His grandpa is buried there, along with his great-grandparents. Ryan and his grandma picked out a plant together and then spent some time at grandpa's graveside. They read scripture and remembered the man they loved so much.

As we were driving by the cemetery this afternoon, I could see hills and hills covered with flowers. It was a beautiful, yet sad sight.

What was even more moving were the people I could see sitting by the gravesides of their loved ones.

A single man laying on the ground.

A family sitting in a circle.

And I wondered, "What's their story?"

Who are they remembering today?

Who have they loved and lost? A spouse, parent, grandparent, sibling, cousin, friend....child?

People may look at me and see Ryan, Samuel, and my growing belly. But they don't know my story. The road I've walked. The losses I've experienced.

And that's ok.

Because today I remember those I've loved and lost. And I remember that this place is not my home. My citizenship is in Heaven. I have comfort and hope because of this truth.

I WILL see my loved ones again.

Dear friends, I don't know your story or who you've lost. I don't know who you are remembering today. But I know there is a God who loves you and longs to spend every sunrise and sunset with you. He knows the loved ones you are missing today.

Today is a day for remembering. Maybe it's a day for shedding tears. But it is also a day to remember that the God of the universe...the giver and taker of life...offers the hope of eternity spent with him.


Aunt Sharon said...

Thank you Stacy.

Charnè said...

o Stacy what a beutiful well written post!