Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lessons in parenting

Parenthood is exhausting.

That's not a complaint. It's just a fact.

You hear that it is from seasoned parents. But you don't truly understand until you've been there.

Parenthood is not just tiring, it's absolutely exhausting.

Samuel is sick...he caught a cold. He is also teething. So it's been kinda rough around here. We were up from 2:30-4 something a.m. last night with an inconsolable baby.

As a result of too many nights in a row of little sleep, this mama is now also sick with a cold.

Ryan and I actually fell asleep after we dropped onto on our bed last night at 8:05 p.m when Samuel finally went down to sleep. We did wake up a little bit later, but we turned in for good at 9:30 (that is until our middle of the night rendezvous). I can honestly say our Saturday nights are not what they used to be :)

It's tough when your kid is sick because sometimes there is nothing you can do...and really, you don't know what's wrong.

Is it your teeth? Are you achy? Is something else in pain? Are you just uncomfortable because you can barely breathe through your stuffed up nose? They don't exactly have buttons that light up to tell you what the issue is. It tends to be a guessing game.

I laid in bed for two hours this morning resting while Samuel napped. He hardly slept yesterday so I was keeping my fingers crossed for a good morning nap. I hid the home phone and cell phone under my bed pillow so if they rang he wouldn't hear them. I didn't get out of bed once for two hours to keep the noise level in the house a minimum. I had to go to the bathroom soooo bad, but since the bathroom is right next to Samuel's room I didn't want to risk him hearing noises that would wake him (I knew he desperately needed his sleep).

I sound a little crazy huh? Well a sleep-deprived, sick, pregnant woman should probably be categorized as crazy. I don't mind that label right fact I agree with it.

Besides, it paid off because Samuel slept for a full two hours!

Even in the midst of watery eyes, so much snot coming from one nose you wonder if you should buy stock in Kleenex, and middle-of-the-night visits to the nursery, you still love these little people more than life itself.

And that's truly what parenting is all about.


Life In Mazes said...

I hope you can rest well this evening. So glad your husband was home to share the tough moments with you. I know you mention he travels alot, so I bet you were glad to have him home to help with Samuel. I sure hope Samuel gets better too. Growing new teeth is so painful for little ones (and their parents) and not being able to breathe through their nose well is miserable. Will say some prayers for all of you!

Anonymous said...

you are such a good mama and it's so fun to watch you do it! I am so sorry to hear that you are sick. I am really hoping you guys didn't pick it up when you came over for lunch :( Mir