Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pictures of our little man

The first pic is what we saw when we walked into Samuel's room on Monday...he was just sitting in his crib. No big deal like he does it all the time. This was a first - he hasn't sat up on his own before. Oh boy!

The rest are from my dad's 60th birthday party this weekend. There was a sports theme so Ryan and Samuel are sporting Twins attire.



G & H said...

awesome pictures!!!

Charnè said...

i just came acrosss your blog and cannot wait to read your story!!! but thought i would leave a comment before i start reading

your little man is to cute!!

hugs from sunny south africa

ps if you want access to read my blog, drop me a email,

Stacey said...

Such adorable pics! I LOVE Samuel's caterpillar t-shirt. :)