Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Is this your first child?"

Yesterday I called to register for birthing classes at our hospital. We are doing a Saturday express class....we don't really have the time - or the desire - to commit to 6 weeknight classes (and it's hard to find someone to watch Samuel that many times!).

In the process of registering the gal on the phone asked me, "Is this your first child?"

My response: "My first biological child."

Clearly for the purposes she was asking me, I needed to be clear about my answer.

Her question got me thinking about how I should answer that when other people ask me. Strangers who have seen me pregnant when I have not been with Samuel have asked if this is my first.

Should my response be that "This is my first pregnancy, but not my first child?"

Should I just answer "Yes...or no?"

Should I tell them we adopted last fall and launch into the story?

Or, Ryan's suggestion: "I'm not sure what you're referring to. I'm not pregnant, just haven't lost my baby weight."

It doesn't matter to me one bit whether or not I carried Samuel for nine months.
He is and will always be our first child (and according to Ryan, our favorite!).

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Anonymous said...

I think you should tell people you adopted and then launch into the story. The entire story about Samuel is amazing and I think people would be interested and blessed to hear it!