Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prayer Works

Yesterday I met a woman named Rhonda. She is a friend of a friend. It was fun to meet her, but it became a very meaningful meeting the moment she told me that she had prayed for me.

She went on to share that my friend had asked for prayer from her MOPS group last fall after Ryan and I miscarried. Rhonda remembers praying for us.

Then she learned about Samuel.

Then she learned about my pregnancy.

And yesterday she got to personally meet Samuel, meet me and see my expanding belly.

She said it was great to meet us since she had prayed for us. But I tell you, the pleasure was ALL mine.

When Ryan and I were in New Jersey we got to meet two of Ryan's aunts friends. They are in a Bible study with his aunt and had spent years praying for our family.

At the wedding they got to meet Samuel, meet Ryan and I, and see my expanding belly.

Again, I know they found it impactful to see us and see the answers to their prayers.

But friends, I cannot tell you what it does to my heart to meet these prayer warriors who did not know me and yet they prayed for me.

I love to meet them all because it provides me the opportunity to say thank you. I love to meet them because it is humbling to know we were covered in prayer. I love to meet them because each time it is a reminder that prayer works. Even when we aren't the ones praying, prayer works. Even when we don't know those we are praying for, prayer works.

Not always the way we think or want it to work. But it works.

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