Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blessed by a shoe

For the last three to four days I have walked around this shoe in my hallway. It landed there this past weekend and I haven't moved it. I wouldn't move it. Not until I took a picture of it.

It's a white canvas shoe from Old Navy. It's tiny. So tiny. And it's absolutely precious.

I'm not sure why I've insisted on leaving it exactly where it landed in the hallway, but I have.

I see it laying there and I find myself in awe that there are little shoes in my home. Even 8 months later, I'm still in awe.

I see it laying there and it represents so much that it nearly brings me to tears....or to my knees in gratitude.

I see it laying there and my heart sores because I know the little boy it belongs to: my nephew Aaron and I love him desperately.

I see it laying there and I smile because this shoe looks so adorable on Samuel's little foot.

I see it laying there and I know that all too soon it won't fit. All too soon there will be a bigger shoe for a bigger foot for a bigger boy.

But not today. Today I see a tiny white Old Navy canvas shoe in my hallway. And I leave it right where it sits as a daily reminder of how blessed I am.


This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I love that you NEVER take your blessings for granted. I think I speak for all of us who are still going through IF, or m/c, or adoption when I say THANK YOU for that!!
Especially today, when I see so many people complaining about their pregnancies, or lack of sleep with a baby or toddler, or even taking their fertility for granted... it pains me to the very soul. And on a day like today, when my heart was ambushed with the discovery of a family pregnancy and all of the ugly feelings that go along with it... I truly appreciate your gratitude for your much-deserved gifts.

McCaffrey365 said...

I so appreciate you gratitude for the simple things, they are great reminders to me to not take for granted the wonderful gifts God has given to me.

Thank you

Amber said...

so sweet and such a great reminder to never take anything for granted