Friday, August 28, 2009

Dear Samuel

Dear Samuel,
Today you are 10 months and 25 days old. Any day now you will become a big brother. While that is very exciting for our family, it's very scary too.

You are still so little. I'm not ready for you to be BIG anything. Everyone is telling me to be prepared at how big you will look next to your little sister. I don't know how to prepare for that.

Your sister will be little, and you will be bigger. But you are still my baby Samuel Lee May. You still cuddle with me, and laugh and drink from a bottle and clap and smile and read books and rock.

I can't wait to see you with your sister. I can't wait to watch you love her and care for her and stand up for her. But I know that won't be for some time.

I wish I could communicate to you what's about to happen. I wish there was some way I could tell you how your world is about to change. Soon you will no longer be an only child.

But today you are still are. And we love you more than ever little man.

Every day this little girl waits to make her entrance into the world, is one more day that you get to be my baby. I'm cherishing every moment.


Leah said...

Such a sweet, sweet, letter to your little/big boy. :-D

Flakymn said...

One of the best pieces of advice I received when Elijah joined a 8.5 month old Isaac was -- don't forget Isaac is still a baby. To this day I call Isaac "baby Isaac" and Elijah "Elijah boy". :) I loved that advice and I remembered it. Just because there is someone littl-er doesn't mean they can't be little too. We've decided not to do any of that "your older" stuff with our boys since really, what is 8.5 months anyway? I have never forgotten that and have no expected Isaac to act bigger just because he is ... slightly.

While the first few months can be a big adjustment, six months in I am LOVING LOVING LOVING have them so close in age. And I know you will absolutely love it too.

And as far as loving them the same -- holy cow, yes, yes, yes! They are both EQUALLY -- THE BOMB!

Amber said...

aww how sweet