Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We need friends

A gal who goes by the name 'Sew' lost her precious baby last week to a miscarriage after a four-year journey with infertility. I have read her blog for months, rejoiced in her recent wonderful news and now deeply feel her pain and loss.

This past weekend Sew got together with other blogger friends of hers who are also struggling with infertility. I prayed for them continually throughout the weekend. In fact as I was in my car driving, I literally starting sobbing thinking about her loss and the fact that she has friends who made the effort on short notice to get together for the weekend.

I prayed for God's presence to be real among them and for healing to take place through talking and being together. I was so overcome by how important it is to have friends surround us during our times of need.

I referenced the story of Job in this posting. I think this passage offers an important reminder to look at our lives and our relationships and question if we have friends who would drop everything to come meet with us, talk with us or just sit with us in our darkest days.

Not only do I desire to build those kind of relationships, but I desire to be that kind of friend. I desire to have authentic friendships where we can talk about our struggles, our hopes and dreams and what God is teaching us.

I am encouraged by Sew and her friends. What a beautiful picture of the body of Christ they represent.

May we all seek authentic friendships and strive to be authentic friends.


Amber said...

great reminder of the friends we have and who we should be as friends

Sew said...

I appreciate this post and your prayers! Seriously, I think it's the only thing that isn't making me pig out on the couch and waller in my loss. :) For some reason I am seeded in hope and peacefulness. I never thought I would be able to survive a miscarriage, and somehow I am peaceful about it. I think conceiving after 4 years is such a huge blessing that I can't even fathom we were able to conceive. That I was pregnant. Barren little me was pregnant. :) It will happen again. I think how can my God deny me that heaven. I know He has to be eager to work a miracle in my womb again. I hope he does it with great urgency. Or at least that is what I am praying for! :) I also pray that He doesn't deny that heaven to my friends as well. ;) I wonder sometimes after this experience, who infertility is harder on us or God??