Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1 baby girl - so incredibly cute, soft and adorably sweet

1 big brother - excited and quite curious about his new baby sister

1 mama - exhausted and sore, yet praising God for her bundle of pink

1 dad - crazy in love with every member of his family

1 May family - immensely blessed

1 big God - who we give all the praise and glory to


Fertile Thoughts said...


Anonymous said...

Not to be a stickler but I think that her carseat strap is way too high. For rear facing I believe that the strap is supposed to be at her shoulder or even slightly below. This positioning may greatly decrease the potential effectiveness of her carseat.I used a very similar seat and recall seeing a sticker on the side of the seat that showed proper positioning. It might be worth a quick check especially if you don't have to pull out the manual.

If I am wrong well it never hurts to check...

your friend the car seat tech freak

Sew said...

Sincere AMEN! PRAISE BE TO GOD! The author of life!

KB said...

You have some cute, sweet, adorable, wonderful, amazing, gifts from God kids :) I love them!!

Charnè said...

o my word just to cute!!!

love samuels little shirt

cybil said...

Congratulations!! Your story is such a wonderful testimony!!

Warm regards from Geneva/Switzerland,