Thursday, September 3, 2009

11 months today

Today Samuel is 11 months old!

He is crawling very fast, standing up on his own, took one step last week but hasn't taken any more. He has three teeth on the bottom and more on the way.

He continues to be very long and very skinny. He is a curious and active 11-month old. He loves music and dances to his musical toys.

It is an absolute joy to watch him grow, investigate, learn and laugh at all the wonders life has in store.

Every night Ryan and I are exhausted caring for him, but every day we thank God for the privilege to do so.

Yesterday he got into his diaper bag while I was in the kitchen, took out his formula divider, opened it and dumped it out. It looked like he had dumped flour all over himself.

Can't begin to imagine what the next month has in store for our little guy!


Leah said...

Such adorable pictures. :-D

Mandy Jo said...

Such a cutie!!!