Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Being blessed

Last week one of the small groups from our church e-mailed Ryan and I and asked if they could come serve us this week. They wanted to spend their group time this week helping others out and with our new little girl, they asked if there were any projects we could use help with.

So last night 7 people showed up to serve the May household.

I am still thanking God for them and their work.

They cleaned out our 3-season porch (we discovered we had a couple little mice enjoying our playroom last week - yuck!!).

They folded clothes.

They cleaned our upstairs to get it ready for carpet to be put in this week.

They served and blessed us with their willingness to care for us as we adjust to being a family of four.

On the note of being blessed, I am continually thankful for those who have been so generous with their baby items. We were blessed when Samuel came along, and doubly blessed with Lauren's arrival.

Recently we were given a bath seat, a bouncy seat, a breast pump and so many clothes and toys for the kids. Having two little ones to clothe, diaper and feed is expensive so we are especially grateful for the generosity of others who no longer wanted or needed their baby stuff and passed it onto us.

God continues to bless us in surprising ways and for that we are so incredibly grateful.

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