Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Laundry is done

House is picked up (not necessarily clean...)
Every closet but one is organized (I'm avoiding that one)
Every errand on my to-do was completed last night
Bags are packed
Paperwork is filled out
Schedule is wide open
Every time I call someone they think I'm in labor :)

Found myself dancing in the hallway with Samuel today to a country song....he loves dancing and giggles like crazy. Country-music dancing - does a body good and just might help bring this baby girl out, right?

For those of you wondering and checking the blog multiple times a day for baby updates, we will post before we head to the hospital so no worries. You'll know when Baby Girl May is about to make her appearance.

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Life In Mazes said...

We will be keeping you all in our prayers, especially that the hospital visit goes well and little baby May arrives safely!