Friday, September 11, 2009

Doctor's appt

Doctor's appt went great - thank you for praying! The baby has a strong heartbeat and everything looked good. I am dilated to nearly a 4 so shouldn't this baby be falling out by now???

They stripped my membranes again (Ouch!!) but hopefully that will get something moving.

I also go to the chiropractor on a regular basis and today he did acupuncture (induction pressure points).

Just took a walk.

Hopefully one of these things will send us to the hospital soon!

Off to nap.....


Leah said...

Yay for being 4cm. I hope your wait won't last much longer. :-D

Langford Family Blog said...

You're almost at 4! Wow! That's awesome. I was still at a 2 after 15 hours in the hospital!

Anonymous said...

That is great! Hope you were able to get some rest despite all the excitement you must be feeling. Can't wait to hear of sweet baby May's birth!

Anonymous said...

Wow! 4? That's a day of labor!