Sunday, September 6, 2009

A family of three

Thursday night we went out to dinner with my sister and then she took Samuel to my parents house for the night. I was contracting and we weren't sure if it was the real deal. She was already here so she said it was no big deal to drop him off at my parents. We got his food together and whatever else wasn't already in his bag and sent him off with my sister.

But in the midst of it all I start crying. Sobbing really. I felt so overwhelmed that this - what we have waited so long for - was actually happening. We were going to go to the hospital to give birth to Samuel's baby sister.

As I hugged Samuel goodbye I couldn't hold back the tears. The realization hit me like never before that the next time I saw him, he wouldn't be our only child any more. It was (I thought) the last time we would be a family of three.

Being a family of four is a miracle we can only praise God for, but it is still a change. And sometimes change is hard. And as incredibly excited as I am to meet this little one, it is still a change that I'm preparing my heart and mind for.

We have loved parenting Samuel this past year and giving him all our time and attention.
And soon there will be another sibling who will also require our time and attention as well. That realization (and the hormones and the state of being exhausted) brought me to tears.

Samuel has been home with us since Friday (I'm contracting but it's clearly not the real thing), and it's most likely our last weekend together as a family of three. As difficult as it's becoming to keep waiting, I am so thankful for my family of three.


Anonymous said...

I anxiously check your blog ever day. Sorry to hear you had a false alarm but maybe it was good practice in getting everything together. I remember feeling a little sad heading to the hospital for Charlie's delivery too. Life for everyone in your family is about to change, wonderfully yes, but change all the same. Hang in there and enjoy your time as you wait with great expectation! You are all in my prayers! Ginnie

Anonymous said...

Oh stacy! I could just cry thinking of how hard this time must be! I too cried terribly hard about 2 nights before Morgan was born! I was laying next to Ethan with my big belly (Morgan) between us and I was telling him that baby sister was coming soon and Mommy would have to go to the hospital and so on... But as I was praying with him and rubbing his little back I became so overwhelmed with the fact that I couldn't give him all my attetion anymore and things were going to be different! Being on the other side now, it's amazing how you all will adjust and the roles you and Ryan and Samuel will take. Once she is here just find little moments even if their brief for just you and Samuel. he'll love having his mama all to himself whenever he can get you! Praying for you dear friend and hoping for healthy baby, and delivery!


Flakymn said...

I had these same emotions when Elijah came -- and being in the hospital a week while Isaac was home nearly broke me. But it is so cool to see Isaac be a big brother. I love it.