Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Lauren

Sweet baby girl,
Today is your one month birthday. It's been 31 days since you entered my world (in a way that I could touch you, hold you and see you).

31 days of having a daughter.

31 days of cuddling and snuggling with you.

31 days of smelling your precious baby smell.

31 days of looking at your big blue eyes (which I am proud to say you got from your mama).

31 days of feeling your soft skin.

31 days of pink, pink and more pink.

31 days of burping you, feeding you, changing you, dressing you and loving you.

31 days of looking at you - a living, breathing example of God's promises come to life.

31 days have convinced me I would do it all over again.

31 days of praising God for your life.

31 down. Forever to go.

I love you baby girl.

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