Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do you have kids?

Setting: Home Depot
Characters: Me and Mr. Home Depot guy
Me: Hello, do you have any recommendations for getting paint off hard wood floors?
Guy: How much paint?
Me: Oh you know, just spots and streaks that the drop cloth didn't catch.
Guy: Sure follow me.
Guy: Here are your two options: latex paint remover or Goof Off. The remover is just for paint. Goof Off is good for paint, crayons, markers, etc. Do you have kids?
Me: Dumbstruck. Just look at guy. In my head: Do I have kids? A year ago that question would have left me in tears. But I have two miracle kids. Want to hear about them? They are only a year apart. We adopted our son and we are crazy in love with him. It's an amazing story. Our daughter is just four weeks old. We went through two miscarriages and three years of trying to conceive before we had her. Our story is incredible. We are so blessed.
Me: Yes. (I'll save my story for another time Mr. Home Depot guy.) I'll take the Goof Off.

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