Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sweet chaos

Yesterday I read one author's description of his marriage: he called it sweet chaos.

I love that!

And I feel it appropriately describes this season of my life......

For example:

We went out for a birthday dinner on Saturday night. Ryan and I met my parents at a local pizza place (Davanni's - our favorite). It was NOT what I had imagined Samuel's birthday dinner to be.

Samuel woke up Saturday morning with a cold. So by dinner time he wasn't feeling real good, wasn't very hungry and wasn't interested in sitting at the table in a restaurant.

Lauren wasn't interested in sitting quietly either (I ended up feeding her in the car in the parking lot).

Two crying kids. A disaster of a dinner table. Cramming food in our mouths in between trying to care for the kids.

It was tiring. It was crazy. It was memorable.

It is our life - sweet sweet chaos.


Anonymous said...

this is how it is in our home lately, even though our kids ages are different! we have this days everyday and to make it worts is that we have two girls! isabel can be a real drama queen! but i don't regret having them some day we will look back to this days and laugh about it!!
take care

avb said...

Welcome to dinner time every night until they are about 3 or 4 :-) I love and hate mealtime at our house. When we do all sit around the table together it truly is sweet chaos!!!