Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Parenthood and plans....

When I woke up this morning I had a full day planned with a lot I wanted to accomplish.

In addition to caring for my kiddos, I planned to:
Make green bean casserole for tomorrow
Clean my floors (its been weeks and they are disgusting!)
Finish up the laundry so everything is clean for the weekend
Go on a movie date with my hubby tonight to see Where the Wild Things Are (our first date since August!)

At 3 a.m. last night Samuel woke up very hot and obviously had a fever.

When he got up this morning he seemed to be doing OK, but as the morning wore on he clearly wasn't feeling well.

Ryan came home early from work.

We went to the pediatrician.

His fever was 102. Coughing. Congested. Runny nose. Teary eyed. Poor little guy. They said it was a virus and to just wait it out.

Then we went to the chiropractor. We are big believers in chiropractic care and thought an adjustment would help kick-start all of our immune systems.

Rain and traffic made it a 50 minute drive to get there. Lauren got very hungry due to our long drive so we stopped to get soup afterward thinking Samuel would like that and I could feed Lauren.

Chaos. Absolute insane utter chaos. What were we thinking?

We bathed Samuel and put him to bed at 7:30. The first time.

Ryan finally finished his dinner (soup) at 7:50.

We put Samuel to bed for the second time.

No green bean casserole.

No laundry.

No shower.

No clean floors.

No date night.

I'm quickly learning that my plans will always take second place next to parenthood.


lesliemarie said...

I'll admit it, I'm a blog stalker. :) Your story is awesome and inspiring for those of us walking the scary route of infertility. But, I felt like I really need to say, don't waste a date night on "Where the Wild Things Are." I went to see it a few weeks ago, and I was horribly disappointed! That book is one of my very favorites from childhood, and I've read it to every kid I've ever babysat. But, the movie was dark, depressing and scary. All the girls I went to see it with really didn't like it. You and I might have different tastes, but I know a date night is probably rare for you, so I wanted to warn you to not waste it on that! :) Sorry for the unsolicited advice. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your 2 miracles...I hope Samuel is feeling better today!

Cathy said...

Plans? Never heard of 'em.

We are big believers in natural cures before medicine. Here's something you might want to try also:

I love this store, though last time I ordered from them, shipping took a couple of weeks. (?)
Still, I have always been satisfied with their products.

Hope he feels better.

Kim said...

I ran across your blog yesterday and have to admit I have spent the better half of yesterday and today reading all of your posts and checking out your reference material.

I love the honesty of your posts and I admire your faith. It is so refreshing to witness (through your blogs) your journey. Thank you for being so open and sharing your painful emotions, life's little up's and downs, intimate thoughts, faithfulness and beautiful family . There is something very comforting in connecting this way and knowing I am not alone.