Sunday, November 1, 2009

Purple dino and precious pumpkin

Yes, I'm completely biased...but I think these two were incredibly adorable in their Halloween costumes! Samuel had a couple meltdowns due to his big bulky belly (can I blame him?!) but we caught a few memorable moments on camera.


Fertile Thoughts said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

Becky said...

Hi! My name is Becky. You don't know me but I have just found your blog! I did a search on Waiting On God's Timing and up came you blog from a post you did in 2008.

As I read through your blog I was very encouraged and reminded that I am not the only one facing such a battle! My husband and I too have had much trouble with infertility, and we are seeking God's guidance and wisdom for what He wants for us.

I am so happy that God in His timing blessed you and your family as He did! You are living the dream that I so long and desire!

What a truly amazing story you all have! God Bless you!

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely precious! They are the treats this Halloween.