Friday, November 20, 2009

Waiting for that phone call

Today I was thinking about those of you I know who are waiting.

Some of you are waiting for a test that will change your life. A positive test result that indicates pregnancy.

Some of you are waiting for a phone call that will change your life. A call that will tell you that all of your adoption papers are complete. Or that there is a birth mom interested in meeting you. Or that the baby you are waiting for has been born.

I know a thing or two about waiting. And I thought I was waiting for a positive test result. In fact, I waited for - and got - two of those. But they didn't lead to what I hoped for.

What I didn't know was that a phone call was going to be the thing that changed my life. "Birth boy...Waconia...yesterday...interested?"

While some of you are desperately waiting for a test result, know that God might have a phone call planned for you instead.

God knows. He has your story written. So pray. Pray like crazy during your waiting. But know that while you wait, God too is waiting to unveil His perfect plan for your family.

Be encouraged. Take heart. Your miracle might be just a phone call away.


This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I'm praying that it's just the opposite for me... I just had the equivalent of a hysterectomy for adoption :(

But I put my faith in the Lord, and know that even if children are not in my future, I can still do His will... as hard as it is.

Maria Therese said...

I feel like I've been waiting, hoping, and praying for a long time for a miracle! This month I thought maybe, just maybe my waiting was over. You see, my cycle didn't arrive. However I didn't have any other symptoms. I talked with my Mom and she didn't have any symptoms either when she was pregnant with me - just the missed period. Well yesterday I finally bought a pregnancy test, prayed for God's will to be done, and guess what? Negative!

I feel like I've been waiting forever. It is so difficult to wait for something you want so much and to continue praying, hoping, and trusting. Especially at my age, which is forty three when I had some aches and pains in my left ovary around Halloween and it seems my fertility is diminishing even more.

What more can I do to be able to get pregnant? How much more can I pray? Is there a child out there waiting for a good home? Someone who wants to be a good Mother like me?

It just makes me feel so sad and I feel so discouraged sometimes. But I keep praying, hoping, and trying to trust!

I really hope and pray that God has a baby (or child) out there for us somewhere! I fear I will never have a positive pregnancy test!

Thank you so much for your prayers! Please know I'm praying for you and your beautiful family! You are so blessed to be a Mommy!

I feel like I would almost give anything to be able to have a baby and be a Mommy...almost anything!!

May God Bless you!

Mrs. Mike said...

What you say is so true. I've adopted twice now but still need the reminder. I am once again finding myself stuck in limbo--spinning my tires and waiting and wondering where God is leading us next. Are we to bloom where we have been planted or could there possibly be more children in our future? I feel intensely that someone(s) is missing from our table but have found no direction and no solution to the heartache.

But your posts recently on waiting and hoping have really struck a chord. Thank you!