Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Santa Lucia Day!


Anonymous said...

I am a member of the Minnesota Mothers of Multiples and I came across your blog from Alison Jonswold's blog of her triplet's. I come to your site every day like I crave water! You inspire me and move me by your honest words of faith and WOW! It's like, You're someone I have needed to meet or have in my life right now because everyday now, I pray again. I turn to God. I am not perfect and mothering twins is so so hard!! (along with 2 other older kids, 8 and 5) Twins are 8 months. But, I cannot do this without God and you have reminded me of that, so thank you. I will continue to follow your blog and get to know you this way. You are an amazing woman. That is an understatement! I would love to meet you some day. You are in my prayers, along with your wonderful family. God bless you all! Jessica Groeller.

Mrs. Mike said...

Edible. Absolutely edible!

BTW--I think I must be missing the significance of St. Lucy in your life. Do tell!

Stacy said...

I am terrible at responding to comments.

Thank you for your kind words Jessica. Glory to God for touching lives through my story!

Mrs. Mike: Ryan's family is Swedish and they celebrate Santa Lucia every year. We used to celebrate in the morning when it was dark but now we celebrate at lunch or dinner. So fun that this year we have a new St. Lucy!