Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No use crying over spilled milk

It would be lovely if I could post a wonderfully sweet and peaceful message about the joy of Christmas. How it's so beautiful this time of year. The cookies baking, the music playing and the children laughing.

Instead of a Beaver Clever Christmas, at my house mom is crying, kids are screaming and the house is all a mess.

This morning I used my brand new Sharp Steam Mop (an early Christmas present) to clean my oh-so-nasty kitchen floor. While Samuel slept later than usual, I swept up the crumbs and steamed my floor until it was beautifully shining clean. I was so proud of myself. A clean floor before 10 a.m. It's going to be a great day!

Just five hours later I'm on my hands and knees in the kitchen wiping up my dirty floor. I dropped a container of applesauce and it splattered all over my clean floor and onto the front of my fridge. I stood in disbelief looking at my floor covered in applesauce. I had no one to blame but myself.

Then just three minutes later, I'm pouring breast milk into a bag to freeze (and let me just say that this milk is in low supply and high demand these days so every ounce is precious) and I dump over the bag. Onto the floor pours five ounces of milk.

I got down on my hands and knees once again, this time with tears streaming down my face. My clean floor was now sticky and my attitude was sour.

Who knew a little applesauce and spilled milk could cause mom to have a pre-Christmas meltdown?

As the old saying goes, "No use crying over spilled milk..."


Anonymous said...

Oh dear friend...can just see you now. What a beautiful mess your home must be. Praying for you as you seek to enjoy this frist holiday with two.Merry Christmas.


Life In Mazes said...

I wish I could take my empty hours and run to help you! I know you knew motherhood would be tough, but I know you would love to have a moment where things go smoothly! I think that this time will fly by, but in the meantime IT IS PLAIN HARD DAYS! You are one great mama - go easy on yourself!
Many prayers for you!

Kim said...

You have had your plate full for some time now. I think mom needs a break. But there is no such thing, is there? A break is used just to do what was once considered chores. Cleaning sounds like a luxury. If I lived near by, I would come and spend a day cleaning your house and doing your laundry, mailing your cards maybe running some errands. I am sorry.

I have had "those" days where things seemed to be going good and all the sudden it took a sharp u-turn and went to hell in a hand basket.

You sound overwhelmed and sleep deprived and down right exhausted with every right....and my heart empathizes for you.

It will get better, because you will learn to accept the things you cannot change or change the things you cannot accept. This is all new to you, I am confident you will figure it all out. It's like a new job, information overload at first and somewhat overwhelming. But as time passes you will become more adjusted and it will get easier, I just know it. Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is good or bad, but it seems that God may want you on your knees?

Spilled Applesauce - on your knees
Spilled Milk - on your knees

He WILL give you the strength to be the Mom that He has called you to be.

Your doing such a great job even if there are times that you don't feel like you are - YOU ARE! Don't forget that!

Megan S.

Jeremiah 29:11 said...

Thank you for sharing your honest portrayal of motherhood. It's so easy to romanticise it before having kids. I pray that the Lord will bring you some peace during this blessed season. Merry Christmas!

Flakymn said...

I left an entire pumped bottle (8 ounces) sitting out for the whole day once. Forgot to freeze it. I cried. I understand totally. In this case, I think crying over "liquid gold" is entirely appropraite.

kim said...

Ah Murphy's law of a clean floor. I know it all too well. And I too have cried, bawled, over spilled breast milk. The time I put an entire 8 oz. on the top of my car while strapping my little guy in and then drove away with it still on top. 'Course it didn't stay on top & I found it spilled open draining into the gutter. Tears, tears, tears.
Praying for God's strength to provide you power to go. Sometimes that's all we need - the power to just go.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.