Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some of you would give anything...

Today I'm thinking about my life and thinking about how some of you would give anything....

if you had to decide whether to eat lunch, take a shower, clean up your house or blog during nap time

to have bathroom toys covering your bathroom floor from last night's bath

to have so much food on your kitchen floor you could probably sweep it up and make a meal out of it

to be bugging your husband to go Christmas shopping so your kids have something to open on Christmas morning

to keep seeing your pile of Christmas cards that STILL haven't been mailed and most likely won't be mailed until after Christmas

to have breakfast and lunch dishes piled on the counter

to have toys and books all over your living room floor

to be tired just thinking about packing up the kids and going to two different grandparents' homes two days in a row to celebrate Christmas (even though we love you gpas & gmas!)

to have cookie dough from December 6 still in your fridge that you never got around to baking

to stay home from a Christmas party or gathering because you have two little kids rather than because you want to avoid the inappropriate questions, knowing looks and naive comments you're sure to face when you do go

I've been there. I know.

And I just want say, that this Christmas, I know some of you would give anything to have the craziness and chaos that is my life.


Sew said...

I just want the babies, not the work! hahahahaha!!!! :)

Stacey said...

A few years ago someone asked me about our Christmas travel plans. I answered that they weren't so bad - just 6 hours (one way) in the car. She responded, "Oh, well at least you don't have kids to entertain on the road trip!" I just smiled and thought, yeah, but after 10 years of making this trip just the two of us, we really wouldn't mind having a kid or two to fill up our backseat. It was clear, though, that she had been on a few hectic road trips!

I really appreciate that you remember those of us who are still waiting. That is definitely a big part of your ministry, Stacy. I'm sure you never imagined a Christmas like the one you'll have this year, with two little ones at home! It's sure to be memorable. Hope you enjoy it and get LOTS of rest afterward. :)

Merry Christmas!