Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Words on waiting

I have a friend whose husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2008. He had surgery and it was completely removed, but a couple times each year he has to have a CT scan to make sure he is still cancer-free.

During this time of waiting anxiety is high for my friend. Her mind is consumed with wondering if the cancer has returned?

To hear that a loved one has cancer is something that we all dread.Thankfully he is healthy and doing great today.

But the reality is that every time he has a follow-up test, worries and fears abound until they meet with the doctor and hear that everything looks good.

So today they are waiting. Waiting for the test results to come back. Waiting to go to the appt tomorrow. Waiting to go on with life.

I am continually amazed at how we are all called to wait in life - even though our waiting looks so very different.

Waiting causes anxiety, depression, discouragement, fear, and discontentment.

But I also believe that waiting....

drives us to a deeper devotion with the Lord

drives us to greater dependence on the Lord

drives us to a stronger faith in the Lord.


Jennifer said...

I really enjoy your writings on your blog. I most closely relate to your sufferings of infertility (it's been almost 4 years for us) but today my heart is heavy with anxiety because my uncle had a body scan yesterday to see if the chemo has killed all of his cancer. they get the results on friday. I can't imagine what they (his immediate family) are going through right now...

Jessica said...

I also know many who wait. Currently, it is my God-daughter, who was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. She has exhausted the amount of both chemo and radiation she can have, so her only medical option is a clinical trial which she started a couple weeks ago. They wait until later next week to see if this trial is getting rid of the tumors. She is 15 years old. She is an inspiration to me, to so many others. She turns to God each and every day and moves forward with the fight that she is on. Her parents set wonderful examples of faith. But in her waiting, she is not waiting to die...she is living. She is not living in hopelessness, she is living in honor of God. I ask myself, do I do that...?