Friday, January 8, 2010


It's been very cold and snowy in Minnesota lately. Currently it is 7 degrees outside.Therefore I have not ventured anywhere with my two kiddos in days...and days...and days.

Samuel has not even been out of the house in 8 days. The last trip he took outdoors eight days ago was to the doctor due to being sick again. I have been out of the house for four hours in the last six days. Two 2-hour outings.

I'm not feeling too housebound at the moment since friends have come over to visit this week - thank you friends!

Here is a pic of the view from my front door and a pic of Samuel looking at the snow. It looks like spring is still a long ways off...


Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Right there with you! It has been sooo very cold! My FIL said that by Wed. we may be in the 30s. Can you believe that...that sounds like a heatwave! I hope you are having a blessed and joyful weekend nonetheless! -Marie

Langford Family Blog said...

Yep. I know what you mean. I have to FORCE myself to get out even with one kid. However, I'm bound and determined to have a better attitude about the winter than I did last year!