Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's your 4-month birthday!

Wow, time flies baby girl. I confess as a father I thought that I would have more time to spend with you in the early days of your life, but it turns out your big brother is requiring more attention then I anticipated. I am not complaining because I love spending time with him, it is just that you will only be my little baby for so long.

I am not ready to see you grow up just yet.

The truth is, Lauren Ruby May, I am extremely proud to be your dad. You always have a smile for me. I look forward to watching you grow up to be a beautiful woman of God just like your mother.

While I will miss holding you and rocking you to sleep, I know there will be other joys to come. Like going camping in the rain and ending up at a hotel because neither of us know what we are doing. Or eating dad's bad cooking because mom didn't leave anything for us to eat. Or teaching you to ride a bike and then bandaging your knee because you are as coordinated as your dad.

Yep, I look forward to watching you grow up. But today I want to make sure I say...Happy Four-Month-Birthday my little girl! I love you.

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~Sherry said...

You are such a good Dad Ryan. Such a good Dad!! Luv U!