Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A lesson from Samuel

These days I have been learning a lot from my one year old.

Samuel just learned to walk in September and I am amazed as I watch him. One of my favorite things to do is go for walks with him. Now that it's in the negative temperatures here we haven't been going outside for walks. Instead we go to the mall and let him loose.

While learning to walk Samuel falls down. A lot.

Step, step, crash.

Step, step, bang.

Step, step, trip and fall.

Every time Samuel falls he gets back up.

E V E R Y     S I N G L E     T I M E.

Sometimes he jumps back up quickly. Other times there are tears and it takes a little longer to get back on his feet.

But I am in awe that even though Samuel falls so frequently, he keeps getting up.

In observing his remarkable perseverance and determination, I have been challenged to keep getting back 'on my feet' in my own life. And I thought about others who might learn from my son.

You're sitting in the doctor's office and you get the diagnosis. Crash.

You grab the mail and it's all bills - that you don't have the money to pay. Bang.

You got little sleep, you're under the weather and the stress and anxieties of life are many. Slip.

Your employer calls you into his office to inform you your being 'let go.' Boom.

You wait, hope and dream, only to be disappointed once again. Trip.

Your spouse sits you down and tells you it's time for a divorce. Fall.

You're on your knees. Or maybe you're flat on your face. There might be tears or even a little blood.

It's decision time. You can let the crashes, bangs, slips, booms, trips and falls of life keep you down.

Or, you can take a lesson from Samuel and get back on your feet. You don't know what the next step might hold, or what's coming around the bend. But with perseverance and determination at your side, you just gotta take the next step.


Kim said...

I LOVE this!!! Children can teach us so much and how wonderful of you to recognize and appreciate the value of the teachings from them. Samuel is my inspiration to keep going!

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I just wrote you an email, and read this post afterwards... and it's so apropos to what I was talking about in my email!
I think there are so many obstacles in both IF and adoption that can either make us fall and stay down or fall and get back up against the odds. It's a great comparison to learning how to walk.

Here's hoping that innocent perseverance stays with him throughout life, and particularly at the times he'll need it most!