Saturday, January 23, 2010

A lot to learn

This week I've been thinking about and contemplating the parenting challenges I'm experiencing these days. I'm trying to put my finger on what exactly is so difficult for me.

Sickness? Exhaustion? Two kiddos under 15 months? Personal expectations?

I'm sure it is a little of all those things....but what I've landed on is this: I'm new to parenting.

Brand new.

I became a mom in one day.

Then I became a mom again, just 11 months later.

I have babysat and taken care of friend's kids and all, but I am realizing that the learning curve for parenthood is high. There is a heck of a lot of stuff to learn. And once you learn the infant stage you move on to the pre-toddler stage and then to the toddler stage.

Every week and every month things are changing. Therefore it's a continual learning curve.

Of course, every day I'm praying and asking God to make me the kind of mom that Samuel and Lauren needs. I am continually praying, "Help me Lord because I cannot do this without you."

And the beautiul thing is that there are so many resources out there! Books, web sites, blogs, podcasts (love em!), and other parents who have gone before me.

This past week I've been gobbling up information trying to figure out how to make things run smoothly at home during the day. How do I get Lauren to sleep through the night? How do I take care of their colds? How do I begin to guide and mold Samuel in this pre-toddler stage?

The books I am currently reading are: Baby Wise II - five to 15 months for Samuel and Baby Wise and Secrets of the baby Whisperer for Lauren.

The Associated Content has great parenting articles such as this one and this one . I love web sites like Growing Kids God's Way and I am a stalker of this web site where I can look up any topic in the index: Chronicles of a Baby Wise Mom.

Thankfully these resources have much to offer... because
I have a lot to learn.

A lot.

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Ann said...

One of the oldest Christian prayers we have is "Lord, have mercy". It basically means HELP! I've begun to start my day with up from the moment I wake up and I'm finding it very helpful. Us moms can use all the extra help we can get!