Monday, January 25, 2010

We're a team

As I was not-so-kindly yelling at my dear husband this morning, he reminded me of something that I think I've been forgetting lately:

We're a team.

We're in this together.

And together could be just about anything.

For us together is...

  • reducing our spending so we have money to pay for the kids, home and hospital bills
  • making time for one another when opportunities and energy are lacking
  • helping, encouraging, growing, and teaching one another as we journey through parenthood

From the very beginning of our marriage - almost 9 years ago - Ryan has approached our marriage as a team. He has taught me that we're in this together. There is no I. There is no me. There is only us.

When we lost our babies, we grieved together (although in different ways). When we waited on the Lord, we did so together - serving, loving and living while we waited. When we became pregnant (all 3 times) we celebrated together. When we unexpectedly became parents to our precious son, we quickly learned how to navigate the waters of adoption together.

Genesis 2 talks about man and wife being united and becoming one flesh. One flesh.

There is a cheesy saying that states, "There is no i in team."

It's true. So true.

Yet sometimes I forget that and I am only focused on me.

How grateful I am for a husband who gently reminds me (as needed) that he's always by my side, cheering me on, and fighting for our team.


heartincharge said...

Thanks for this post. I got some difficult news from my RE today and I have been so caught up in my pity party and feeling like my husband can't understand that I have blocked him out. He's prayed for me twice. He's trying to communicate but he doesn't say the words that I feel. And you reminded me that he is dealing with this in his own way.I'm going to gather my strength and be a "we" this evening.

Flakymn said...

Keep remembering that it is going to get easier. As they get older and can do more independently, things will get easier and easier. Divorce rates are highest when kids are between 0-5 and I can see why. We have to fight to stay a team. It sounds like you guys are doing a fantastic job!