Sunday, January 10, 2010

Worth the wait

One year ago today I had a three-month-old son.

One year ago today I took a pregnancy test.

I had taken many many many pregnancy tests in the years prior.

My first test was in 2005.

Then 2006.

Then 2007.

Then 2008.

Then 2009.

Twice before I had gotten a positive test result, but sadly a positive pregnancy test does not always lead to a baby.

But this time was different.

On January 10, 2009, the test was positive and my life was, once again, changed forever. 

I was excited, but I was fearful as well. Heck, I was freakin' scared out of my mind. I had a three month old!

But what I didn't learn in the years prior, I learned in the early months of 2009: my timing is not God's timing. I would not have planned a pregnancy when my son was only three months old.

But God - in His mighty, miraculous, amazing ways - decided His timing was better than mine. His timing would give Him all the glory and all the praise.

Many people say, "Just adopt and you'll get pregnant."

Yes, that does seem to happen a lot.

But it's not because you relax or forget your infertility or because there is some mystical pregnancy bug that invades your body once you adopt.

We were not relaxed - we had an unplanned adoption and we were caring for our young son.

We had not forgotten the pain of our infertility and miscarriages.

We had not been bitten by a pregnancy bug.

We serve a great, big God who opened my womb after adopting so that we wouldn't miss out on the incredible privilege of raising Samuel and being his parents.

Many people who adopt don't ever get pregnant and have a biological child.

I don't know why God allowed me to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term.

But He did.

And we are so grateful.

And we continue to stand in awe of His timing and His plan for our family.

And it was SO worth the wait.


Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Beautiful reflection!

Flakymn said...

Stacy, I have started a discussion board for us Irish twin Moms.

We'd love to have your input!

Mrs. Mike said...

Stacy--it is such a joy to read your blog and see how your story has unfolded. How true it is that we probably never would have written our own stories the way they happened, but like you, I wouldn't trade my own for anything.

Jeremiah 29:11 said...

You continue to inspire me! Every morning it is a challenge to say, "Jesus, I trust in you." But your story reminds me of God's faithfulness. How could I forget?

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Thanks for the reminder that while your story is definately one for the history books (!), it is NOT the norm. MOST people who adopt (and were diagnosed with infertility beforehand) do not get pg. There's a 5% chance of ever conceiving after an IF diagnosis, regardless of whether or not you adopt (or "relax" haha! As if raising a newborn is RELAXING!!)

I just love reading your blog :)

Kim said...

I love your story and I admire that you still look back and see how perfect His plan was for you. He wanted more for you thamn you could have ever imagined. Thank you for sharing, as always. You are a true inspiration.

Kelly said...

That was very well said!

Amber said...

what a beautiful post and so very true!