Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Born to heaven

If you remember back to last September, I bought a sympathy card for a family whose baby died full term in the womb. 

Last week I had the privilege of talking with the grandma of this baby boy (she is a very young grandma so don't picture gray hair and a cane). She openly shared about her/their experience of learning the little one had died in the womb and going through the delivery process. She talked at length and I listened to every word...I felt like I was allowed a peek into a very private loss and I was so grateful to hear about her journey. It touched me deeply.

She said a phrase that jumped out at me and I have pondered it ever since. She referred to babies who are 'born to heaven.' Isn't that precious? I love that image. What a beautiful way of referring to stillborn births. Babies born to heaven know no cold, no pain, no sadness, no tears. They only know love, warmth, joy and the presence of the Almighty.

She also commented that while she would never have chosen to have suffered such a devastating loss, she wouldn't want to go back to the person she was before. 

I could not agree with that more! I, too, would not want to be the person I was before my losses. While I wish that we didn't have to experience heartache and tragedy in order to be changed from the inside out, that is what happens. God uses our pain, loss, suffering, grief, heartache to shape and mold us....IF we allow Him to do so. 

I am in awe of this family because it seems they are grieving in such a healthy way. They are reading books, talking to people, and even helping others who are facing similar losses.

This is truly an example of how God works everything for good - for His glory.



Stacey said...

What beautiful words and a beautiful and comforting image. Thank you for sharing.

heartincharge said...

Wow I never thought about it that way. going back to the person you were before. While I've never had a child born to heaven, I see the truth of that statement in the hardships I have faced.