Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The day I almost lost my kid

Parenting two children 11 months apart continues to be a rewarding and challenging experience...

Yesterday I met my sister-in-law Megan for a play date with our kids. If you recall this post, you'll remember that we have four children 2 1/2 and under. 

It was fun, but crazy chaos once again! I took out my double stroller for the first time... Lauren is 5 months old and I have managed to avoid going anywhere that I would need to use my double stroller. It seemed like it was too big, too bulky, too much work, too cold, etc, etc.

Well yesterday I brought it with so we could go to the mall. It worked great with both kids and I didn't even feel out of place - there are actually a lot of double strollers at the mall :) 

It's managing two little ones that is the hard part. Especially since one doesn't stop moving!

My sister-in-law Megan and I met at a play area in the mall so the boys could run around. We sat by the entrance to the play area to make sure we could keep an eye on the boys at all times. At one point I couldn't see Samuel and started running around looking for him. I looked and looked and looked. Then I started praying. I couldn't find him. I turned around to head out of the play area and there he was. 

A nice lady said, "Someone found him by the escalator."

Really? My kid? Out by the escalator?

He is 16 months old!!

Oh good. I'm THAT mom. The one who can't keep track of her kids.

I can hardly begin to imagine all the things that could have happened to him....

Thank the Lord for other people who help out moms with young children. 


Life In Mazes said...

My husband makes fun of me when I watch out young children who don't have an adult around to keep them safe in a store, whatever. It is almost always that the child wandered away from mom or dad when they weren't looking for a split second. So I always make it a priority to keep an eye on those kids/toddlers until I see that there is an adult who that child belongs to comes and gets them. Thanks for being thankful, now I know I am not nuts and I know I will appreciate it when I am a mother with active children :)

kim said...

I, too, am that mom.

Anonymous said...

Been there, and done that! But I only had Kenna to watch. Once again, it was a nice woman who noticed a kid unsupervised and then noticed me frantically running around the playground.

linda said...

hi , this happened to me on friday , but my son is 4 and got stuck by the escalator and was suffucationg, security had to smash the glass to free him , luckily he is ok with only bruising , but now i am petrified of taking him out again , i know people will say its my fault , and thats how i feel , but children are just so quick x