Wednesday, February 10, 2010

thump thump, thump thump

The following was written by my friend M about her almost 3-year-old daughter Sophia as they talk this week about her Papa going to's a perfect example of death through the eyes of a child:

"We were eating breakfast and I asked Sophia if she remembered where Papa was. She remembered that he had died and went to be with Jesus in Heaven. She wanted to know if we could jump up to the sky and go and see him. I told Sophia that Papa's heart was sick and asked her if she remembered how she listened to mom's heart and her heart and how it made the 'thump thump' sound. She said she did. I told her how Papa's heart was so sick it stopped going thump thump. She looked at me and said "Oh." A few minutes later she was looking down at her breakfast and I heard her saying "thump thump, thump thump." She looked up at me with this sweet smile and said "I am trying to get Papa's heart going again."

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Stacey said...

This is so sweet and so poignant. Remembering your friends in my prayers during this time.

(And you have an award over at my blog)