Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Words on waiting

My friend R just got what she would consider her "dream job." She waited years for this job. She was in a job she very much disliked for a long time. It was suppose to be a temporary gig and then the job market went south and she was there much longer than anticipated. 

Not too long ago doors began opening, God's hand began moving and on Monday she started her dream job in which she will greatly impact the lives of kids, parents and families in need. 

Through her time of waiting she was challenged, suffered, longed, got angry, was impatient, and had emotional breakdowns. Waiting was hard and at times it seemed futile.

But today R sees how God's hand was working years ago to bring her the experience she needed for this job. And she can see how He was molding her heart for this position.
The same goes for me. God knew what he was doing making me wait for children. Of this, I have no doubt. 

This parenting thing is tricky. Hard. Challenging. 

And here's the conclusion I came to the other day: had I not had to wait for my family I would not have appreciated what I have today. 

I would have been more impatient. easily frustrated. very unappreciative. 

God knew. He knew I need to wait on Him so when I got to this season of life I could be reminded that this is what I waited so long for. My heart needed to be broken and rebuilt. I need to mature. Grow. Learn to be unselfish (what marriage hadn't already taught me about selfishness).

I needed to wait...otherwise it wouldn' have been pretty - for me or my kids.

Not only did I need to wait for me, but I also needed to wait for Samuel. God had a master plan for a little baby boy but that plan didn't go into effect until October 2008 (or, if you want to get picky, nine moths prior to that).

So when we are called to wait, I think it's 1) for our own good. God sees areas of our lives that need refining, molding, growth. Waiting requires complete and total dependence on the Lord.  2) because what we're waiting for isn't quite that a spouse, child, job, etc. For it is in God's timing that He makes everything beautiful!


heartincharge said...

Thanks for this post. I feel that way about my husband. All of the relationships that I cried over that didn't work out and then my I met my husband who is perfect for me. I am 100% grateful that God didn't give me my way and that my husband came into my life when he did. Sometimes when I feel discouraged about my fertility, I look down at my wedding ring and my faith is restored.

Jenny Koehnen said...

thank you so much Stacy! I feel the same way about R's story. It's so encouraging to see God do such a miracle for R and the kids at just the right time. Thank you for putting into such beautiful words what I have been learning and challenged by. Your insights on waiting are inspiring to all of us, no matter what it is we are waiting for. I love you, and was so thankful to catch up a little with you on Sunday! Can't wait to worship with you this Sunday! jennyk